This section of the blog mainly focuses on guides on using Photoshop CS4 and Adobe CS4 for editing and manipulating photographies.

Some good basic rules with photo manipulation and photography:

  • Always use high resolution photography with good lighting. With too high contrast or low exposure you risk having too high noise values in your photos, and that’s seldom a good thing in most people’s eyes.
  • Avoid shooting with a high ISO value when using a dSLR or digital camera. ISO further enhances the exposure sensitivity in your camera, and a higher value means that the camera automatically tries to enhance the exposure further.

    The problem with ISO, and especially with older dSLR’s is that the function also brings a lot of noise into the pictures, and that does not only make the picture look bad but it also makes it harder to manipulate the picture on detail level (when manipulating skin/removing moles and zits, for example).

    Newer cameras have great anti-grain functions that makes the ISO more effective, but it’s still not recommended to use high settings unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, try adjusting the exposure,  aperture value or shutter time depending on what you’re shooting.

  • Never use the built-in camera flash unless your life depends on it! They almost always give a bad over-exposure and they project very hard shadows, the total opposite of what you really want in a photography most of the time.

More tips and tricks will be added in time!


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